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Cosmic Carbone SR, by Ride Captain Steve Jackson

Thursday 3rd February 2011

New Year, new gear!
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As you know us Ride Captains are in the lucky position of being supplied with kit for The L2P, and this being my second year as a Ride Captain I already have a pile of shiny new kit I keep bringing home to deposit in my man room!

As a Ride Captain being fortunately enough to be provided products by our sponsors to test, we tend to choose what we would use not only on the event but also afterwards. This year Mavic gave us a choice of wheels and I chose the Cosmic Carbone SR, as I normally ride deep section carbon tubs most of the year, so I was keen to try out some great clincher sections, would I get more braking consistency due to the Alloy braking surface?

Alex from Mavic said "I want you guys to ride them don't keep them for best, use them all the time". Ok I can do that!

So let's just start by saying they are great commute wheels...I rode them all last week every day (250k), one puncture no problem as clincher, scared my fellow racers, oh sorry I mean commuters on the way in to work with their great sound "here I come get out of my way whoosh" that only a good section wheel can do.

Now let's go racing with them! Hillingdon E123 winter series, my 1st race of the year due to me starting my training 8 weeks later than last year, I was getting tired by June 2010, so with this in mind I would need as much help as I could get in the wind, but they did not fail to disappoint (unlike my legs). Down the back straight I was nearly spinning out in the 11, over 30kph these wheels want more and keep getting faster with less effort, and as I usually ride to the event, we had no stress about puncturing like you do with your tubs riding down the busy Hayes dual carriageway. I won't turn this review into my race report but let's just say I got away from the main bunch easy, but the lead group was just too far for my well over race weight body, but the speed was there. Fingers crossed for next week!

Now I have commuted on them, raced on them, now what? Oh yeah The L2P training rides...let's hope they work in the cold!

Sunday morning 6:30am way too early to get out of bed after my race the day before, but no frost outside not so bad maybe! How wrong I was. It is really, really, really cold but wheels are working (legs not).

So we get to our personal changing room in Walton on Thames, and then strip off and put less kit on! I can't get all mine on under my tight new three stripes jacket (mmm I do love a Xmas mince pies)

Group 1 and 2 go out together with some very anxious looking Group 2 riders (last year's ride we averaged 38kph for the 1st Group ride).

Fellow Group 1 Ride Captain, Michael Blann and I are at the front until we got to Old Windsor with Group 2 Ride Captains' hiding in the pack, sorry I mean looking after the riders at the back. We are have averaged 31kph and the wheels feel great and rolling along nicely, oh I forgot to add that Mavic also gave us their new tyres which I must say are really nice, we can use whatever tyres we like but all the Ride Captains kept with the Mavic tyres.

Where the wheels worked really well on the ride were after the little rise up through Windsor, we had a few guys just of the back, I was able to go back and get them while nicely spinning up the wheels to tow them back at 45kph with no extra effort, due mostly to the wheels ability to hold their speed.

I must add it was nice to see some strong Group 2 riders in the bunch who were not shy of coming to the front and doing some turns, Blann and I will be adding you to our group as you so have the legs for it.

So back to the wheels...! Mmm I would say yes these are staying on my bike for the rest of the year, commute, race, L2P, well maybe not commute ;-)

Oh and lets not forget the most important factor to any piece of bike kit it has to look good and these really look pro! This is all that really matters if we are really honest in the end.

See you at the next training ride.