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Mallorca Miles from Ride Captain David Kirkby

Wednesday 30th March 2011

As a Ride Captain we need to be able to keep up or even set tempo on the front of the bunch so we need to be fit. So I felt I should go off to Mallorca to the Stephen Roche training camp, here's what's involved.

First of all it's a great set up for riding, set on the western side of the island and a very short transfer from the airport and the hotel awaits with good size rooms, super food, buffet style, so after a long ride loading up for breakfast is not a problem. The team at the hotel are all geared for cyclist and triathletes (cyclist who run and swim as well! Must be nuts!). Downstairs in the hotel is a super bike room with racks, drinks, maps, organised ride leaders for different paced groups, it's all here and ready to go.

Flash, Will, Sven, Moira, a couple of James', Stephen Roche and myself headed out with various groups into the hills and along the coast riding every day for 5 days. The benefits are multiple as we were able to kick start some riding miles, but as important a great chance to unwind and enjoy some great camaraderie and of course some early spring sunshine. Several of the climbs are just long enough to test the legs and lungs and gain some great early season tan lines.

To ride in the hills and coastline of Mallorca is one of lifes great experiences and one highly recommended, truly a beautiful island and Disneyland for cyclist!

See you in the bunch David , aka Capt.