Alpine Challenge Ride Captains 2014

We are pleased to introduce you to the 2014 Ride Captains.  The role of the HotChillee Ride Captain is to mentor and motivate you during the ride, provide assistance for the smooth running of the event, such as but not limited to, directions, peloton etiquette, drink breaks and advice.

The Ride Captains will also be leading the Training Rides so if you are able to make some of these you will get the chance to ask questions and get advice before September.  Dates for the Training Rides can be found on the Alpine Challenge 2014 Calendar by clicking here.

Michael Attenborough (a.k.a. Doc)

David Bryant

HotChillee Events Completed: The London-Paris (2), Cape Rouleur (1)

Day Job: Ophthalmic surgeon by day, father of two crazy kids full time, cake fan always.

Cycling Highs: Too many. Riding up Alpe d'Huez on the day the Tour de France came through stands out. Insane crowds!

Cycling Lows: Breaking my collar bone 8 days before the Cape Epic, after having just recovered from a fractured humerus the year before.

Bio:  It is a pleasure to once again be a part of the HotChillee Ride Captain crew for 2014.  Now living back in Cape Town after 13 years in London I've been participating in HotChillee events since their inception some 10 years ago, initially as a rider and then as a ride captain in 2010. Two nasty crashes in the last 2 years kept me off my bike competitively, but I’m back and very excited for this year as it will be my first Alpine Challenge. As a bit of a mountain goat, I’m licking my lips.

Riding my bike has always been a part of my life. Whether commuting, racing cross country mountain bikes as a junior and u23, riding the ABSA Cape Epic a couple of times, having a sub 6 hour Marmotte under my belt or cruising the beach front on my single speed with my kids, a bike has never been far away. It would be fair to say that riding has given me the opportunity to meet so many wonderful people and see so many places, and meeting and supporting all of the competitors in the events has been a fantastic honour.

Riding is a privilege. Squeaky chains are forbidden! Looking forward to seeing you on the road!

David Bryant (a.k.a. Bull)

David Bryant

HotChillee Events Completed: The London-Paris (7), Alpine Challenge (4), Le Grand Truc (1), Cape Rouleur (1)

Cycling Highs: Cape Epic, South Downs Way, Alpine Challenge 2010, all the London-Paris' coming into Paris and l'Alpe d’Huez the first time.

Cycling Lows: Q1 2013 - Pneumonia - meant I couldn't ride for 3 months!

Bio: I'm Australian and have been in UK for 17 years now.  I've been riding bikes for 25 years.  I am a roadie at heart but I love riding off road, on the track... anywhere really.  I like sunny days, tail winds, going DOWN hill but nothing beats the feeling of flying along in a dell disciplined peloton.  I love my coffee and enjoy the occasional beer.  I like the Roubaix cobbles, racing for post boxes and just enjoy riding hard.

Juliette Clark

Michael Blann

HotChillee Events Completed: The London-Paris (5), Alpine Challenge (3)

Day Job:  Financial Markets Analyst

Cycling Highs: 4th place at RTTC National Hill Climb, going sub-60 for 25M TT, but these pale into insignificance compared with RC'ing the pioneering Stoke Mandeville Hand Cyclists, Alan, Danny & Luke on London-Paris 2012.

Cycling Lows: Breaking my elbow out in Mallorca in 2008.

Bio: Slightly older, slightly greyer, slightly skinnier than the average Ride Captain, but still capable of pushing heavier guys up mountains. I'm a cyclist, mountain biker & endurance runner and a passionate advocate for greater female participation in sport. I love numbers, power data, expensive face cream, Prada shoes, coffee, porridge and sunshine - not necessarily in that order.  I can be found where the South Downs Way meets the English Channel.

My life mantra, "You will never know your limits until you push yourself to them. Dare to dream, dare to believe. Work your ass off and never give up. Strength comes from achieving things you once thought impossible."

David Kirkby (a.k.a Captain)

Daniel Lawrence

HotChillee Events Completed: The London-Paris (9), Alpine Challenge (3), Cape Rouleur (1), Le Grand Truc (1)

Day Job: CIO in Real Estate Investment Management Business

Cycling Highs: Completing the Cape Epic with Ride Captains Jay McStay and David Bryant. Riding London-Paris with my one of my sons in 2013.

Cycling Lows: No lows, it's always more fun riding than sitting on the sofa.

Bio:Riding and racing bikes for more than 35 years I have made friends for life. I love the kit, I hate dirty bikes, I love getting chicked (pasted by girls) as they have to be awesome, I enjoy the hurt locker and love the cafe banter even more. My favorites rides are when just cruising and chatting or absolutely on the rivet and talking to Elvis....must be a little mad. My goal is to be able to pop a wheelie like Robbie McEwen and Peter Sagan.

P.S. I love a microphone.

Jon Lewis (a.k.a Eddy)

HotChillee Events Completed: The London-Paris (7), Alpine Challenge (1), Cape Rouleur (1)

Day Job: Director of - a cycle clothing and coaching company.

Cycling Highs: Competing at the Masters World Track championship. Winning a stage and 3rd overall at the Masters Tour of Malta. Gaining my 1st category road license.

Cycling Lows: Any day when I can't ride.

Bio: Contrary to appearances I can't speak with a Welsh accent; be funny or dance. I can however: be incredibly passionate about cycling; ride beyond sense or reason and explain quantum mechanics.

OK, the last one's a fib but honestly who really tells the whole truth in a bio….

Jay McStay (a.k.a. Jedi Jay)

Jay McStay

HotChillee Events Completed: The London-Paris (3), Alpine Challenge (1), Cape Rouleur (1)

Day Job:  Owner of M1 Performance, a sports performance service / consultant to H&F Industry

Cycling Highs: Red Bull rider, Cape Epic, 24hr Podium, GB Junior Tri Squad

Cycling Lows:  Broken femur put an end to Ironman career in my early 20's

Bio:  Physiologist, Consultant and racer, passionate about sports science based applications and analyses, hence the nickname "Jedi".

Specialist in getting riders faster, fitter and closer to their goals and true potential in this time compressed world.  No junk miles!

Stephen Niblett (a.k.a. Nibs)


HotChillee Events Completed: The London-Paris (2), Alpine Challenge (1)

Day job: H&S Manager for Ardagh Packaging, based in Norwich.

Cycling highs: London-Paris 2012 - Riding into Paris and doing my best to hold back the tears.  Alpine Challenge 2013  - Being interviewed for the footage and not doing a very good job of holding back the tears. Riding Ronde van Vlaanderen Cyclo 2014 … But any day on the bike is a good day.

Cycling lows: Can't think of any.  Bike ride = Good day

Bio: I've always had a bike of some sort and I raced a bit in my 20's  and got to 2nd CAT.  I had 12 years or so off the bike, having 2 great children and dabbling in other sports e.g. equestrian stuff, running and Tri, but I got back into the bike as a supplement to Marathon training (I did one and I'm over it now).  Now 4 years on and I'm now starting to tick off my bucket list of rides that I didn't do when I was younger.

Really chuffed to have been asked to help out with Ride Captain duties this year and looking forward to helping out wherever I’m needed.

PS. I Love good Coffee and cake and I usually have some Jelly babies in my pocket if you need a pick me up.

John Sadler (a.k.a. Tenterfield)

HotChillee Events Completed: The London-Paris (3), Alpine Challenge (3)

John Sadler

Day job: Trading Control Manager, Total Gas and Power Ltd (a gas, power, coal and LNG trading and shipping subsidiary of Total).

Cycling lows: Developing tendonitis in my knees on the final day in my first London to Paris.

Cycling highs: Getting to Paris with tendonitis!

Short bio:  I discovered the HotChillee events on the Alpine Challenge in Annecy in September 2011, and was honoured to be asked to assist them as Ride Captain for 2012. Just as working commitments (and age!)  were starting prevent the huge commitment needed for high level racing, the long distance HotChillee tour riding came along at the perfect moment, and has since proved to be an incredibly enjoyable way of meeting new people, staying in good shape, and of keeping that childhood dream of the Tour de France alive...!

With a background in road racing and time-trialling I moved on to cycle touring, distance running, mountain trekking and cross-country skiing and discovered, like many before me, a love for mixing endurance activities and nature. And sharing this is with good people is when I'm happiest... Even in the heavy rain that seems to accompany HotChillee events!

David Sidgwick (a.k.a. Whisk)

David Sidgwick

HotChillee Events Completed: The London-Paris (4), Alpine Challenge (1)

Day job: COO of the London branch of a South African bank

Cycling highs: Helping a teammate to snatch the yellow jersey on the last day of London-Paris 2010. I was just blown away by the full pro experience of racing on closed roads and then riding into Paris in the big peloton.

Cycling lows: Ironman France 2009 - drinking too much sea-water on the swim and then feeling ill for the full 180km of the bike ride, with a marathon in 35C heat still to go…

Bio: I came to cycling relatively late after many years of rowing at decent club-level. After dabbling with triathlon, I worked out that cycling was much more fun than swimming and running, so that's where my attention has focused in recent years (although I still do the occasional Ironman race to give me something to focus on).

I was fiercely competitive in my rowing days but now I'm much more interested in enjoying the ride with good company. I'm a natural rouleur with a big diesel engine and I'm happiest on a nice rolling route into a big headwind, where I'll happily ride on the front all day long and make a big hole in the air for my ride buddies to sit in. I'm not a bad climber for a big unit, but steep hills are definitely my kryptonite!

David Thomas (a.k.a. DT)

David Thomas

HotChillee Events Completed: The London-Paris (6), Alpine Challenge (3), Cape Rouleur (1)

Day job: Childcare & cooking

Cycling highs:  First trip to Mallorca with my bike - I though I’d gone to cycling heaven.  This is only eclipsed by the thrill of riding in to Paris with the Stoke Mandeville hand cyclists.

Cycling lows:  Sliding along the tarmac.

Bio:  A latecomer to cycling the sporting pursuits in my younger years were canoeing and rowing.  I’m a bit larger than is ideal for a cyclist which means I'm the perfect size to tow others behind me into a headwind.

Will Watt

Will Watt

HotChillee Events Completed: The London-Paris (7), Alpine Challenge (2)

Day Job: Part of the marketing management team for Specialized.

Cycling Highs: Sub 6 hours 45 for the Fred Whitton challenge at the age of 43 and partnering the legend Ned Overend at Mountain Mayhem 24 hour

Cycling Lows: Being on the start line of the Cape Epic with food poisoning.

Bio: I joined Specialized in the UK at start up as a skinny crazy haired university dropout back in the early 90s from the burgeoning XC mountain bike racing scene.  Nowadays my riding is purely on the road, from my fixed fix of a daily commute to distance touring for my hit of escapism.

Nothing beats the memorable riding and shared social experience served up by HotChillee and it is a pleasure to again be part of the team.

At 65kg, I am still one of the Peter Pan lightweights of our team, despite my legendary cake consumption, and the need for a hairstyle still blissfully passes me by. Having just returned from some early altitude training on Mount Teide, mountains are my passion.  No great Rouleur, I love the pain and purity of climbing and the kick of the descent.  Alpine Challenge is my jewel.


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